Puerto Rico

I have been fortunate enough to visit Puerto Rico several times. The first was in 1981 when I went to attend a friend's wedding. The second was in 2009, visiting the same friend who was married in 1981. And the third was 2013, visiting San Juan with family.

Aguada & Aguadilla (Jun/Jul 09)

Aguada & Aguadilla, Puerto Rico (27 June - 2 July 2009).
Took a few trips around the surrounding area (Aguada and Aguadilla) and visited the Camuy Caverns; didn't get to go to the tropical jungle on this trip.

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Camuy Caverns (Jul 09)

Camuy Caverns, Puerto Rico (1 July 2009)

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Crashboat Beach (Jun 09)

Crashboat Beach, Puerto Rico (30 June 2009)

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On the Road (Jun/Jul 09)

Aguada & Aguadilla, Puerto Rico (27 June - 2 July 2009)

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The Moon from PR (Jul 09)

The Moon from Puerto Rico (3 July 2009)

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Old San Juan (Jun 13)

Old San Juan (10 June 2013)

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The Ritz-Carlton (Jun 13)

Sun and fun at the Ritz-Carlton (June 2013)

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